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Meet The Team

Our goal is to make your technology simple and seamless. Managing IT correctly is complicated and time-consuming. Diggio carries that burden so that you and your employees can focus on the work you do best.

Tanner Smith

Chief Executive Officer

Sarah Williams

Chief Operating Officer

Kati Williams


Luke Held

Lead Technician

Our Story

Diggio was founded in 2010 as an Internet Service Provider catering to the hospitality industry. As we evolved, we realized that substandard IT support was the norm in most industries. After working in hospitality, where customer service is the foundation of success, we knew we could make a meaningful impact.

The standard business model for managed IT service providers was quick and easy fixes that would get the customer by for a few weeks, until the next time things break. Our competitors were treating the symptoms rather than diagnosing the problem. We knew we could do better.

As we got more involved with small and medium-sized businesses, we noticed it was difficult for our customers to adopt new cloud technologies. They had difficulty putting all of the pieces together and managing the transition period. They needed someone to go beyond the technology and help them integrate their investment into the day-to-day of their business. That’s when we conceived of Diggio as it is today.

We wanted to provide a foundation of reliable technology, without the difficult technical elements such as licensing and configuration.

What we have envisioned has become a reality. Let us help you take the next steps to adopting new technology, and see the benefits in your productivity and bottom line.

Divest of Complexity. Reinvest in Efficiency.

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