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Platinum Support

Our Story

Founded in 2010 as an Internet Service Provider catering to the hospitality industry, Diggio realized early on that customer service is the foundation of success. In a world where substandard IT support is the norm and the standard business model for managed IT service providers is quick “Bandaid” fixes, we knew we could do better.


Businesses need someone to go beyond the technology and help them integrate and transition their new cloud technology investments into their day to-day operations. We aim to provide a foundation of reliable technology, without the difficult technical elements. Let us help you take the next steps to adopting new technology, and see the benefits in your productivity and bottom line.

Platinum Support

Diggio’s highly-trained technicians have the know-how and resources to keep your business internet in peak condition. When you call Diggio Support, you’ll be routed directly to our US-based technical support team—not a salesperson or an operator.


Our friendly, knowledgeable technicians have hands-on experience installing and troubleshooting our hardware. With access to ongoing training and opportunities to earn rigorous industry certifications, our support team is always improving the ways we provide great help. We’re here 24/7/365 to keep your business connected.


Diggio Bonded Business Internet offers unparalleled 100% internet uptime and reliability for cloud services and applications, helping business internet resellers and SD-WAN partners improve customer retention and satisfaction across their product and service portfolio.


VoIP calls happen with landline-like quality and uptime, point-of-sale systems stay connected to their upstream servers and payment processors, and managed service providers can keep an eye on their clients’ internet connections with ease. Plus, our proactive technical support, self-service portal, and in-depth troubleshooting tools keep us hands-on so our internet resellers and SD-WAN partners can be hands-off.

Meet The Team

  • Tanner Smith

    Tanner Smith

    Chief Executive Officer

  • Sarah Williams

    Sarah Williams

    Chief Operating Officer

  • Luke Held

    Luke Held

    Lead Technician