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Meet The Team

Our goal is to make your technology simple and seamless without compromising security or scalability. Managing IT correctly is complicated and time-consuming. Diggio carries that burden so that you and your employees can focus on the work you do best.

Tanner Smith

Chief Executive Officer

Sarah Williams

Chief Operating Officer

Kati Williams


Luke Held

Lead Technician

Our Story

Networkitects, Diggio’s parent company, was founded in 2010 as an Internet Service Provider catering to the hospitality industry. As we evolved, we had an increasing number of requests to help with IT ecosystem in general. We realized that many businesses suffered from terrible IT support, and after working in hospitality – where customer service is the foundation of success – we knew we could make a meaningful impact.

The standard business model for managed IT service providers at the time meant that the more problems their customers had, the more money they made. This led to quick and easy (lazy) fixes that would get the customer by until the next time it breaks. They were treating the symptoms rather than diagnosing the problem. We knew we could do better.

As we got more involved with small and medium-sized businesses, we noticed the sprawl of systems and software, much of which didn’t align with tried and true industry standards for how to use technology. While we had solved the core problems of stability, uptime, and security, we noticed that most of our clients needed us to take an extra step. They needed someone to go beyond the technology and help them integrate their investment into the day-to-day of their business. That’s when we conceived of Diggio as it is today.

We wanted to provide a foundation of reliable technology, setup and maintained according to big-business standards. We wanted something that was easy for our clients to budget for and streamlined enough so that our support team could crossover from IT support into a business advocate for our clients.

What we have envisioned has become a reality. Schedule a call with us below to take the first step into making it part of your reality.

Customer Testimonials

Troy Cramer
Partner KungFU

“Like a lot of businesses, we rely heavily on our computer and communication networks. We track multimillion dollar orders for clients and have to know everything is where it’s supposed to be, when it’s supposed to be there. It’s a lot to worry about. But the one thing I DON’T worry about is the reliability of our IT and phone systems. That’s because the Diggio team are the best at delivering scalable, reliable network solutions.

Diana Keller
President + Founder SKG

“Diggio works collaboratively to meet Thinkery’s IT needs not only at a technical level, but also strategically by helping us leverage technology to advance our mission as a nonprofit organization. Their staff is proactive, available when we need them, and – in a way that feels rare for an IT vendor – knowledgeable without being condescending.”

Devin Thomas,
Director of Finance Thinkery

“Diggio is a great IT company that we highly recommend. They are honest, knowledgeable and quick to respond. Our company has been using their services for over a year now and we couldn’t be happier.”

Danie Connick
Controller Sobering Center

Andrea Raymond
Owner Neuroaustin

Amber Lewis
City Administrator Rollingwood, TX

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