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Diggio Bonded Business Internet delivers cost-effective, uninterrupted access with the highest speeds available.

You're here because when the internet goes down,

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    you can’t pre-authorize credit card transactions

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    calling your internet provider’s tech support is torture

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    employees can’t access their email or cloud-based programs

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    the phones go down

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    your streaming video and music stops

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    chaos ensues

We’re your new, better internet service provider

We’re your new, better internet service provider

Diggio makes switching internet providers effortless. We'll source the underlying internet lines you need to create a solid foundation for 100% internet uptime. Then, we’ll manage the installs, consolidate everything into a single bill and provide support contact. Internet problems are no longer your problem.

  • 100% Uptime Guarantee
    100% Uptime Guarantee

    Downtime is expensive and chaotic. We’ve created a solution with built-in redundancy to ensure your internet operates at peak performance 100% of the time.

  • Unbelievable Speeds
    Unbelievable Speeds

    By bonding multiple internet lines together, you get the speed of all of them combined rather than maxing out at each individual line’s performance.

  • Quality Support
    Quality Support

    Diggio is committed to providing US-based, no-hold support via phone, text, chat, and email. We strive to give our customers the most frictionless and pain-free experience in the industry.

How can Diggio claim we provide 100% uptime?

At some point all internet goes down, right? The construction crew next door might cut your fiber, an equipment box might get hit by a car causing a neighborhood-wide outage, a storm or power surge may knock out power to your modem. So how exactly can Diggio overcome these things to give you 100% uptime?

Here's how it works:
We bring internet lines into your building from multiple providers.

We try to bring different kinds of cable in – one that is buried underground, one that runs on telephone poles, and one that is 5G wireless so that if one (or even two) lines gets cut there are other pathways to the internet.

Our internet redundancy solution "bonds" together these lines

We plug all these internet lines into a piece of equipment that monitors detailed performance statistics on all of the lines in real-time to decide how to best distribute your internet traffic.

and uses an algorithm to pick the best, fastest line for the job

Your bonder uses this real-time performance data to decide how much data to put on each available line, giving you the fastest path to the internet possible.

to keep you online even when there's a snag.

When one internet line slows down, or goes out altogether, your internet traffic is redistributed to the other available lines so you won't even know there's an outage.

Backed by amazing proactive monitoring

When one of your lines starts having trouble, our support team is immediately alerted and begins working to get it fixed. The issue gets resolved without you ever having to call, or even know there’s a problem.

and the best support in the industry.

Time is money, and when you need to call your internet provider it’s usually urgent. Sadly, internet providers have cut costs on support, resulting in long hold times and poorly trained staff. Not us. Text us, call us, email us, we’re here for you – no menus, hold times, or outsourced support.

Here's how it works: Here's how it works:
Here's how it works: Here's how it works:
Here's how it works: Here's how it works:
Here's how it works: Here's how it works:
Here's how it works: Here's how it works:
Here's how it works: Here's how it works:

Never lose opportunities (or customers) to a poor connection

Some internet backup solutions, like internet “failover,” prevent only some outages. Lost sessions and public IP changes leave VoIP and videoconferencing services offline long after your primary connection fails.

Diggio’s solution, on the other hand, is seamless. Our Bonded Business Internet eliminates downtime. When one line goes down or starts performing poorly, we instantly reroute traffic from the failed connection to a working one—and keep internet-reliant applications running smoothly.

More than 1 in 6 businesses have lost clients to downtime. Another 1 in 3 have lost revenue.

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    Add a new location to your existing plan.

  • Enjoy Quality<br>(up)Time
    Enjoy Quality

    Explore our resources on how to make the most of your new internet.

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