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Cloud phone service. A phone system born for multi-location and remote work.

Build on your 100% internet uptime with an internet-based business phone system to distribute calls across office locations and devices.

Video is great, but phone is still the go-to for your customers.

Diggio Cloud Phones combine the best office phone system features with an unparalleled level of flexibility and cost-saving efficiency you can only get with the cloud.

Cost-Saving Efficiency

Traditional Phone Service diggio logoDiggio Cloud Phones
Pay for unused lines to keep customers from hearing a busy signal. Cost-Saving EfficiencyUnlimited simultaneous calls.
Purchase a phone system for every business location Cost-Saving EfficiencyA single phone system services all your locations.
Phone systems across business locations do not talk to each other Cost-Saving EfficiencyAll business locations are integrated, allowing you to distribute calls however you like.
Staff must use personal cell phones when working from home that aren’t connected to the business’s main line number. Cost-Saving EfficiencyStaff can have a physical desk phone at home or answer and place work calls from their work computer or an app on their smartphone.
Modern features like eFax and having voicemails sent to your email are not available or cost extra. Cost-Saving EfficiencyAdvanced features available free of charge.
It is difficult to change the setup of the system if you need to adjust recordings or call routing. Cost-Saving Efficiency24/7 support will adjust settings for you.

An Intelligent Bundle

Internet-based business phone systems (Hosted VoIP) have been around for a long time. It opens the doors to limitless configuration possibilities, like load balancing a call center across physical storefronts and allowing staff to answer calls to your work main line from home. Its weakness has always been that if the internet is down, the phones are down. Diggio Bonded Internet makes that a concern of the past.

An Intelligent Bundle

Advanced Features

Get the most out of your phone system, all included in your flat monthly fee.