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SD WAN service providers. The easiest part of opening a 2nd (or 100th) location.

Diggio SD-WAN extends the benefits of our 100% uptime Bonded Internet to include a zero-configuration mesh network across branch offices, creating a scalable, private WAN over any type of internet service or provider.

Better inter-office collaboration and superior cloud performance

In short, all of your devices can connect to each other across office locations just like they are on the same local network! All of it plug-and-play with no complex configuration or maintenance. This product can replace your Site-to-Site VPNs, MPLS, and other expensive or time-consuming Point-to-Point products with an elegant single-vendor solution, secured with end-to-end encryption and QoS.

  • Effortless Scaling

    Effortless Scaling

    Adding a new site is easy: SD-WAN appliances arrive fully configured for your network. Plug in a few cables-with the help of simple, color-coded instructions-and you’re connected.
  • Powerful Support

    Powerful Support

    We manage your internet bills, monitor network activity, troubleshoot problems , and work with ISP’s engineers to proactively solve problems.
  • Reduced Cost

    Reduced Cost

    SD-WAN’s powerful features can deliver high-quality, high-speed connections over low-cost services, replacing expensive plans like dedicated internet and MPLS.
  • 100% Uptime

    100% Uptime

    Guaranteed. Out technology eliminates downtime by combining service from multiple ISPs, keeping your network online even when an outage occurs.

Easily monitor and manage your entire network

The Diggio dashboard provides a complete overview of every site on your network—and makes it easy to get powerful insights into your network’s health and security. SD-WAN eliminates the need for site-to-site VPNs, making it easy to create and maintain connectivity.