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Space management software. One point of contact for all your office technology.

Diggio Managed Office makes it easier to handle all of the programs, peripherals and office technology your staff needs to remain productive every day.

One point of contact for all your office technology.

  • Special projects

  • Tech support

  • New user setup

  • Antivirus software & updates

  • Software installation & updates

  • Printers & Scanners

  • Budgeting

  • Software license management

  • Microsoft Updates

  • Automatic toner ordering

  • Business Email

Sometimes it’s good to have all your eggs in one basket.

When your technology isn’t working, nothing is more frustrating than finger pointing. In technology, many things are interconnected: phones rely on the internet, the internet speed relies on your network, cloud-based programs like Zoom and Office365 rely on your computer peripherals, and your staff productivity relies on all of it working together. If you have different vendors managing all these different pieces, it can be hard to find problems that lie at the intersection of these different systems.

Proactive, not

Almost every day we hear about a new data breach or ransomware attack that cripples a company. There are many steps a company can take to insulate themselves. Don't be the low hanging fruit! Diggio takes a proactive approach that helps keep your security posture in-line with the value of your data.
Proactive, not <br> reactive.
  • Proactive, not <br> reactive.
    Regularly send phishing emails to employees to determine who needs training.
  • Proactive, not <br> reactive.
    Keep computers, servers, and antivirus up-to-date at all times.
  • Proactive, not <br> reactive.
    Provide a password keeper to all employees to promote using complex passwords.
  • Proactive, not <br> reactive.
    Enable multi-factor authentication wherever possible to protect the company if a password is compromised.
Easy employee onboarding

Easy employee onboarding

Work styles are changing, and we’re changing with them. Diggio makes employee onboarding a piece of cake. Any time you hire a new employee, you provide their name and start date. When they arrive on their first day, their computer will be set up with all their software, email, and support tools. Our support staff will even walk them through their first login!
Work from home? No problem!

Work from home? No problem!

Diggio will help you set up a base work-from-home technology package that gets shipped to your new employee’s home by their first day. Everything arrives ready-to-work to get your new staff member off to a good start.