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Cloud Desktop

Our Cloud Desktop product is the last step to freeing your business from on-site computers and servers. Businesses increasingly need to be mobile and device-independent. Staff should be able to hop between computers, devices, and sites but still need access to everything – their files, programs, etc.

Diggio moves your desktop to the cloud, securing your data in our Austin, Texas-based highly redundant and fully backed-up datacenter. We then stream your desktop to your many devices so that whether you’re working from home, a client site, or a coffee shop – from your desktop, laptop, or iPad – you have all your programs and all your data, just as if you were at your desk in the office.

Since your desktop is being delivered from the Cloud, you will never have to purchase a computer, laptop, or server again. Included in your flat monthly fee, Diggio supplies all your access hardware to stream your desktop from the cloud. If something breaks or needs upgrading, we replace it.

Cloud Servers
Say goodbye to your on-site servers.

They’re expensive, they break, and they constantly need updating, upgrading, and replacing. We move your servers to our highly-redundant datacenter in Austin, Texas. What do we mean by highly redundant? If one of our servers goes down, another server immediately picks up the workload with no downtime to you. Server downtime can be a thing of the past. We keep all of our hardware and software up-to-date, so you always have the latest and greatest all for your flat monthly fee.

ROI Calculator

How much do you currently spend on IT? Many people have trouble qualifying their monthly IT spend because so many of their purchases happen every few years.

Download our IT Expense Excel spreadsheet to calculate what you currently pay each month for IT.


Sofware comprises of the core tools we use to run modern businesses. From moving to paperless workflows, to reducing repetitive tasks, to getting more in-depth business reports and projections, software empowers us to do more and be more profitable. Many software packages are widely used across industries, such as Microsoft Office or the Adobe Creative Cloud suite of products. Others are industry-specific. We partner with many of the leading software developers to bring our clients costefficient access to these tools by bundling them into our cloud desktop product. Do you use an industryspecific software package? Not a problem. Our support will interface with your software vendors to provide the same seamless experience no matter the software.

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