New Computer Hardware

Fixing your IT problems should be our job,
not a burden that falls on your staff.

Diggio is all about productivity. It is NOT productive for a staff member to spend hours troubleshooting a hardware issue with IT support. It is NOT productive for employees to use slow computers – those minutes turn into hours, and hours turn into big cost and terrible employee morale. To combat these problems, Diggio adopted a new model.

You will never have to purchase another computer, laptop, or server again.

Included in your flat monthly fee, Diggio provides you with all new hardware. If something breaks, we replace it. If something needs upgrading, we upgrade it – all included in that monthly fee. When one of your employees if having trouble with their computer, we overnight them a new one.

Diggio is so much more than just IT Support.

We hope to be your entire IT department. See what makes Diggio different than the competiton.

Gone are the days of being stuck with
broken or poor-performing hardware.

Diggio uses brand-name, high quality hardware to provide you with the best, most reliable experience possible. We honor aggressive replacement and upgrade cycles to ensure that you are always operating at peak performance.

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