Bonded Internet

100% Uptime Guarantee

ISP downtime is unavoidable, so when you only have one provider it’s inevitable that you will experience downtime. Traditional single-carrier internet delivery is no longer adequate to power businesses. The more cloud-based apps you use, the more important your internet uptime becomes. Most companies today are finding that their internet connection is a critical bottleneck that impacts their bottom-line – in short: no internet, no work.

How we do it:

Diggio SD-WAN Bonded Internet combines multiple internet services into a single connection. Unlike traditional failover methods our algorithm uses all of your available bandwidth simultaneously, so you get a pipe much faster than any one ISP can offer.  If one of your internet providers slows down or stops working all together, traffic will automatically reroute with zero downtime!

Better than the rest.

With other load balancing solutions, your Public IP address changes depending on which internet provider your traffic is passing through. This causes many problems, especially for hosted VoIP and Site-to-Site VPNs. With Diggio Bonded Internet, you get roaming IP addresses. This means your Public IP will never change no matter which internet service providers you’re bonding together or where your site is located geographically.

The simplest install in the industry.

The Diggio Bonded internet solution is a zero-configuration plug-and-play install. We ship an appliance to you within 2 business days. One port plugs into your firewall. The other ports plug into the modems of your internet service providers. It’s that simple!

Amazing Support is at the foundation of all Diggio products.

Never wait on hold with your internet provider again. Like all Diggio products, our tech support is available for immediate access – no phone menus or long hold times. But not only do you have instant access to support, we’re monitoring your internet service 24/7, so we know when there’s a problem even when you don’t and are working in the background to fix it without you even having to call.

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