Business Internet

Competitive bids from 40+ ISPs.

Dealing with internet service providers (and their notoriously terrible customer service) can be one of the most frustrating activities for business owners and IT departments. As an internet service provider (ISP) ourselves Diggio has special relationships with over 40 carriers, so we can get you the best pricing and terms. Beyond cost savings, we can use these relationships to create packages that provide more value to your business (see SD-WAN below). Make your internet service provider compete for your business.

SD-WAN: 100% Uptime Guarantee

ISP downtime is unavoidable, so when you only have one provider it’s inevitable that you will experience downtime. Traditional single-carrier internet delivery is no longer adequate to power businesses. The more cloud-based apps you use, the more important your internet uptime becomes. Most companies today are finding that their internet connection is a critical bottleneck that impacts their bottom-line – in short: no internet, no work.

How we do it:

Diggio SD-WAN Internet bonds multiple internet services into a single connection. Unlike traditional failover methods our algorithm load balances your internet traffic across all available bandwidth, prioritizing the link that is fastest and provides the best performance. Think of it like a river – if you block one branch, the water (or internet traffic in this case) will find another way around. If a disruption occurs on the network, traffic will automatically adapt with zero downtime and zero packet loss.

Amazing Support is at the foundation
of all Diggio products.

Never wait on hold with your internet provider again. Like all Diggio products, our tech support is available for immediate access – no phone menus or long hold times. But not only do you have instant access to support, we’re monitoring your internet service 24/7, so we know when there’s a problem even when you don’t and are working in the background to fix it without you even having to call.

Diggio is so much more than just IT Support.

We hope to be your entire IT department. See what makes Diggio different than the competiton.


Diggio bundles your internet and voice services, but like everything else, we take it to the next level. With our competitors, you have to provide your own phones and phone system. All of this is included with Diggio Voice.

Included in your monthly fee is a feature-rich phone system which empowers businesses to leverage eFax, voice and video conferences, integration of your business phone system to cell phones, voicemail to email, and much more. Per our business model, all remote service fees, equipment, upgrades, and replacements are also included in this monthly fee.


Call Center

Voicemail to Email

Call Transfer

Ring Desk &
Cell Phone

Call Routing Menus

Time Conditions

Reports & Analytics

Call Recording

Web Portal

Conference Bridge

Complex Ring Plans

It may sound expensive, but in most cases we can provide all of this for the same price you currently pay for traditional phone service. When you consider you will no longer need to pay a phone vendor for changes, you definitely come out ahead!

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