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IT Support

At Diggio, we structure our support
philosophy around ease of access

At the core of productivity is a person’s ability to use their technology reliably and competently. Therefore, we at Diggio structure our support philosophy around ease of access. We don’t use a dispatch service or have phone menus to wade through. Instead we strive to have our technicians pick up each and every call within 60 seconds and resolve your problem on that first call. In a business where technology is a prerequisite for work, you need more from IT Support. Diggio is here to deliver.

Our tech support team is for more than just fixing problems. We are a training resource and a extension of your staff. Most Managed Services Providers (MSPs) focus solely on fixing problems, but Diggio goes a step beyond IT Support. We help your staff leverage the technology you’ve invested in more effectively, and assist you in making strategic decisions about new technology as it becomes available.

Professional Training

An investment in new technology or software will only make a critical impact if your staff know how to fully leverage it. We’re here to help.

Diggio is so much more than just IT Support.

We hope to be your entire IT department. See what makes Diggio different than the competiton.


Your business is always in a state of evolution. As such, we know there will be times when you need specialized IT resources beyond the day-to-day. For example, when you’re building a new office, implementing new software, or working through a merger, you may need help with strategy. The Diggio engineering, consulting, and project management teams are here to see your project from inception to completion. We bridge the gap between your non-technical staff and the technical complexities of the project so that you acheive better results in less time.

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