Fast, Outage-Proof Connections That Grow With Your Business

Diggio's Bonded Business Internet delivers cost-effective, uninterrupted access with the highest speeds available.

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About Us

What is Bonded Internet?

Our Bonded Business Internet eliminates downtime. When one line goes down or starts performing poorly, we instantly reroute traffic from the failed connection to a working one - and keep internet-reliant applications running smoothly.


We’re your new, better internet
service provider

Diggio makes switching effortless. We'll source the underlying internet lines you need to create a solid foundation for 100% internet uptime. Then, we’ll manage the installs, consolidate everything into a single bill and provide support contact. Internet problems are no longer your problem.
  • 100% Uptime Guarantee

    Downtime is expensive and chaotic. We’ve created a solution with built-in redundancy...

  • Unbelievable Speeds

    By bonding multiple internet lines together, you get the speed of all of them combined rather than maxing...

  • Quality Support

    Diggio is committed to providing US-based, no-hold support via phone, text, chat, and email. We strive to give our customers...