Diggio Managed Network. Internet is more than the service coming into your building.

With Diggio SD-WAN, anyone can create scalable, private business networks that connect over any internet service.

What does “Managed” mean? It means you don’t have to do anything.

Work with your internet provider when something goes wrong for both technical and billing issues.
Remotely reboot on-site routers and modems that aren’t working.
Engineer WiFi access point placement for the fastest signal.
Install equipment so that your computers and guest networks are securely isolated.
Monitor network equipment uptime and performance 24/7.
Figure out what’s wrong when devices can’t connect to the network.
Identify slowdowns or WiFi connection drops.
Find devices that are using up all the internet bandwidth.
Band devices from the network that are abusing your use policies
Replace equipment when it breaks.

A lot of that equipment in your IT rack plays a part in delivering quality internet service to your devices.

There’s equipment that broadcasts WiFi signals throughout your building, equipment that activates all the ethernet ports in your walls, equipment that secures your network as traffic passes between your office and the internet. All that equipment is a point of failure, a place where something can go wrong.

Have you ever been told “everything is fine” from your internet provider, but your internet still doesn’t work?

It is likely you have experienced a network problem. Diggio monitors and manages all that equipment in your IT rack, extending our support beyond just bringing quality internet into your building. We bring quality internet all the way to your device.

A partner in growth.

When it comes to opening new locations, Diggio is a rare asset.
As your network manager, we:

  • Help you budget all the necessary network components like cabling, routers, switches, and access points.

  • Work with architects to ensure all the necessary cabling is in the floorplans.

  • Coordinate with your general contractor to get everything installed in the proper order.

  • Make sure your internet service and network equipment are installed and ready for your first day of business.