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Why You Should Care

No more compromise.
Use cases:
-Bond a small-bandwidth dedicated internet circuit with high-speed broadband:
Get the reliability & low latency of dedicated and the high bandwidth of broadband at the same time.
-Bond two broadband circuits and one LTE circuit:
Get the uptime of dedicated internet without the high monthly & construction costs or lengthy contract term.
-Bond two dedicated circuits:
Eliminate the risk of fiber cuts & carrier routing issues while getting the best internet experience on the market. For example, instead of getting a single 100×100 dedicated circuit, get two 50×50 circuits from different ISPs. Make sure their path into your building is different for the best protection.
-Bond 3+ DSL services for more bandwidth in remote areas with little to no carrier diversity:
Sometimes you need more bandwidth at a branch office than is available from the local ISPs. To meet your bandwidth needs, purchase as many low bandwidth DSL or fixed wireless plans as you need and bond them together to get their combined bandwidth.
-Replace your MPLS network:

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